What Jobs Can You Do From Home?

If you're thinking about working from home in Ireland, you are far from alone. Many people, for various reasons, have either already chosen to follow this path, or are seriously considering doing so. Perhaps you too want to spend more time with your family, or reduce stress levels whilst increasing your quality of life. Or maybe you just want to earn a little extra income to help pay the bills or buy a few luxuries? If so, there are many jobs and careers you could try.

The internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for anyone with specific interests and skills, and there are many other jobs you can do without the need to be online or have much experience

Careers Based at Home

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One home-based career which is becoming increasingly popular is that of the telesales operative. Your job will involve selling people the products, special offers and services specific companies provide, and you may be asked to do some product testing too. You'll need to be confident, have excellent communication skills and a polite, friendly telephone manner in order to convince people to try the products on offer. Many companies offer training and NVQ certificates to ensure you're fully qualified for the job too.

If you have skills such as being able to play a musical instrument, singing or even teaching experience in a variety of subjects, then you could become a home tutor. However, if you want to teach a specific subject like English or Maths, then you'll probably need to have a degree related to the subject you wish to teach. You'll also need good people skills and patience in order to help your students get the very best out of their studies, and some teachers provide online support for their students too.

Another possible career is to set up your own beauty or hairdressing salon. If you have the necessary skills, then this is a great way to make money from home, whilst still being able to socialise with different people on a daily basis. You'll probably need to have completed a college course in hairdressing and/or beauty treatments in order to be qualified, and a friendly, open personality to put your clients at ease.

Internet Jobs

There are many internet-based jobs that can help to pay the bills, but beware of scam websites that ask you for money to register.

One way to make some extra cash online is to complete paid surveys for market research purposes. This requires patience and honesty but no formal qualifications. A number of sites offer a minimum of 5 Euros or gift vouchers for each survey completed such as MySurvey Ireland, Toluna and Irish Opinions. Some of these sites also offer the opportunity to test products for various companies, and you can often keep the products you test, which can also help save you money.

Another way to make money online is to write articles for a specific website. Proofreading jobs can also be found in this way, or else you can write blog entries to advertise for companies wanting to sell their products. The work should be fairly varied as you can write on a variety of specified subjects and can generally choose which jobs you complete.

Although most writing jobs don't require much experience, you'll still need good writing and research skills to be able to write articles to an acceptable standard. Placing advert links on your blog page will also earn you a little money each time someone clicks the link.

If you're an ambitious type who enjoys helping to solve other peoples' problems and giving advice, why not try setting up a website as an agony aunt? You'll need to have an understanding nature, as well as being patient enough to gradually build up a list of clients, but the more popular your service becomes, the more clients you'll gain (especially if you advertise) and eventually you should see a steady income streaming in.

Non-Internet Based Jobs

Another way to make money is to set yourself up as a childminder. Having some qualifications or experience in childminding would be preferable, but not essential, and if you're a parent with young children, you can be paid for looking after other peoples' children too. You'll need to be patient and friendly, but also firm, with some knowledge in how to handle difficult situations, particularly if the children in your care are very young.

You could also become a carer and look after an elderly or disabled neighbour. This could involve helping them with their daily routine to ensure they can retain their independence. You could offer to walk their dog or maybe even look after their pets if they go on holiday. Alternatively, you could complete household chores like ironing and washing. You'll need to have a compassionate and considerate nature if you wish to become a carer, but helping others can be a very rewarding experience.

Other self-employment opportunities

If you have a talent for baking or maybe a hobby in making greetings cards or knitting, then you have the opportunity to make money from something you enjoy. Setting up a business to sell cakes, greetings cards or artwork can be challenging but also very rewarding if your products become popular and sought after. You'll obviously need the ability to create a product that people want, as well as having some business sense and good people skills to make the enterprise a success.

Many Home Job Opportunities

All this shows that there are many viable options for working from home in Ireland. However, you will not only need to carefully research which jobs you can earn money from, but also the ones which you will enjoy the most and which suit your own personal needs and lifestyle. In this way, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you're earning money, whilst doing a job from home you can enjoy.