Stay at home mum jobs

Trying to balance your parenting responsibilities with work can be difficult. However, if you're a stay at home parent in Ireland there are great ways to earn money in your spare time as there are freelance jobs suited to all skills, qualifications and interests. Working from home offers many benefits in terms of flexible working hours to fit around your personal schedule, developing key skills whilst also looking after your children.

Working parents

Reasons for Working from Home

Working from home as a parent allows you to spend more time with your children and earn some money without being tied to an office desk. Depending on your situation and time constraints, you can fit freelance work around a timetable that suits your personal needs. The majority of online jobs are very accommodating and allow flexible working hours, so when your children are at school or in bed, you can spend some time earning money from the comfort of your own home.

If you wish to return to work at some point in the future, working from home offers opportunities to develop and maintain key skills for future employment such as article writing, typing, research and general computer skills. Furthermore, as you can choose when and how much work you want to do, there will be less pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines and no need for a stressful commute. Working from home also ensures that you can still claim important childcare benefits and help make ends meet, depending on how much money you earn.

Home Jobs for Mums

There are many job and career possibilities for stay at home mums living in Ireland. Online blogging offers mothers a number of opportunities to earn money, such as providing opinions on products, advertising and sharing opinions and experiences. Blogging has an appealing social aspect, allowing like-minded bloggers to communicate with each other on forums while making money through a number of third-party parenting websites by reviewing specific products and posting messages for advertising purposes.

Stay at home mums can also complete market research. This could involve participating in online surveys, researching for a company to determine a specific product's retail reception or collating data for market research.

Finally, if you enjoy baking cakes or have an arts and crafts hobby such as knitting, embroidery or making greeting cards, you can use your creative talents to make and sell products. There are a number of websites designed to help set up your own business.

Home Jobs for Dads

Working parent

As a stay at home father, there are many jobs available that will be tailored to your own specific skills and requirements. Specifically, there are a growing number of companies that offer market research jobs, such as paid survey sites. These sites require feedback and opinions related to most areas of life and are set up to help companies determine how to improve their services.

There's also high demand for freelance telesales operatives, and this type of job is particularly suited to those with good communication skills. Additionally, many websites offer writing jobs such as proofreading, article writing and product reviews, or researching the pros and cons of products offered by different companies.

Stay at home dads often start a home online retail business by using skills and hobbies to earn money. For example, some dads take professional photographs and sell them online, or buy and sell products from online auction sites. Some even start a computer store to repair, refurbish and sell parts. Combining business with pleasure can be very lucrative and enjoyable.

Home Jobs for Single Parents

Working from home as a single parent offers as many rewards as it does challenges. Single parents often integrate running a business from home with their day to day domestic duties in order that they can care for their children and earn money simultaneously. For example, running a home beauty business, whether through hairdressing, massage or beauty treatments can be rewarding, help pay the bills and allow you to meet with new people on a regular basis.

Another possibility is to offer home tutoring services. If you have the talent to play a musical instrument, are fluent in another language or qualified in subjects such as IT or engineering, there's money to be made. Teaching others a new skill based on a hobby or interest you're passionate about can also make work so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Childminding is also worth considering as a single parent, as you can look after your own children at the same time. Alternatively, some single parents walk their neighbours' dogs, help with their gardening, or offer domestic services such as shopping or ironing. This can really help elderly and disabled people and allows you get to know people in the wider community, many of whom could prove invaluable when it comes to extending your business in the future.

Preferable Skills and Temperament for Home Based Workers

Rights for time off

A number of key skills are needed if you're going to make working from home in Ireland a success. One of the most important skills to have is self-discipline, therefore it's best to decide what time of the day is most suitable to dedicate to work, and ensure that you have a quiet place to complete jobs where you won't be disturbed.

Another key requirement is organisation. Ensure you can keep on top of your work related tasks as well as caring for your children's needs. Good communication and time management skills will ensure that you can cope with the workload without getting too stressed.

Depending on the job, basic computer skills such as typing, word processing and research are all important requirements for working from home, along with more specific skills for specialist work. A decent internet connection is also necessary to make sure your work can be completed and submitted by a deadline.

Finally, depending on your skills, qualifications and interests, there are numerous job opportunities for stay at home parents in Ireland - and by working from home, you can enjoy a number of benefits such as spending more time with your children whilst still earning money to improve your quality of life. But, above all, it's important to find a job that is suited to you and your interests, as this will almost certainly help keep you motivated. In time, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're doing a job you truly enjoy and at a time that suits you.