How Does Product Testing Work?

What is Product Testing?

Product testing is important for both companies and consumers to get the most out of their products and services. A company collects information based on the results of a series of tests - and depending on the product in question - these are often conducted by ordinary people from the comfort of their own homes.

A product tester evaluates the quality of the product and whether it performs as expected in a normal environment. After generating a report detailing the results of the test, a company can then gather and analyse the data to understand current consumer opinions and how well the product was received.

If there are any problems or issues that need to be addressed, the tester will then notify the company, and this will help them resolve these issues or make improvements before the product is sold on the market.

Why do Companies Need to Test Products?

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Companies test their products on a regular basis to make sure that they function as they was designed to do, whilst adhering to strict quality and safety standards. It is important for companies to maintain a good reputation with their customers and the general public in order to continue to create products that people need and enjoy.

Most product tests are aimed at specific demographics in order to help the company decide whether there is demand for a current brand, or whether they need to update their marketing strategies. By comparing diverse opinions, this enables companies to see where there might be any gaps in the market, or where they can meet consumer demand to maximise their profits and continue to compete in difficult market conditions.

What Type of Products can be Tested?

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Depending on which group of people the test is aimed at, a wide range of consumable products are regularly tested. For example, a group of older women might be asked to test a new type of beauty treatment, or a group of younger men may be required to test a different brand of shaving foam.

A company might want parents with babies to test their latest brand of nappies, or a shampoo specifically designed for infants. Other products that could be tested include different types of pet food, cleaning materials and personal hygiene products, amongst many others.

Even a website or customer support service can be tested to make sure the interface is user friendly or to ensure that the support staff are helpful and efficient in resolving issues and problems.

Essentially, any product or service can be tested by companies to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

What Does Product Testing Involve?

Product testing usually involves a company asking a specific group of people a series of questions in the form of a questionnaire, often online or sometimes via mail. Next, they send them their product. This often arrives in a plain wrapper or packaging in order to avoid people being influenced either positively or negatively by mere aesthetics. Once everyone has received the product and the instructions on how to use it, testers will begin gathering their opinions, either mentally or in written form, to report back to the company after a set period of time.

Product Testing Techniques

There are a number of techniques companies use to test products. One of the most common is known as simple evaluation. With this technique, the testers share their opinions about the product and how well it performs to give a general idea of its value.

Another method is direct comparison testing. This involves comparing two different brands, for instance, washing up liquid, in order to determine which product performs the best. The company will then ask a series of questions to determine whether their product was the preferred brand, checking factors such as how effective the washing up liquid was, how easy it was to use, whether it was pleasant to use and so on. In light of the results, the company may decide to make adjustments or improvements if the overall reaction was negative.

How Can People Get Involved in Product Testing?

There are a number of ways to get involved in product testing. A typical method is to register with an online paid survey company such as Toluna or MySurvey Ireland. These companies value people's opinions on a range of products and services and offer monetary rewards and/or free products to test and keep in return for their time and effort.

In this way, anyone living in Ireland can get involved in product testing from within their own home. Product testing can fit around a person's lifestyle no matter who they are, and there will always be products that can be used to fit into a person's daily routine.

Product testing is a rewarding way to not only share opinions and improve a company's products, but also their consumer experience, ensuring they receive the products and services they want, and that they are produced to the highest standards possible.