Paid Surveys

Comparisons are what we do best. We've put together an infographic which looks six of Irleand's best survey companies in detail and compares what they have to offer. All the important information is there including, average payment per survey, average survey length, the minimum payout, minimum age and how they reward their users. We hope this will help you sign up with the companies that are right for you.

Irish Survey Companies Compared [Infographic]

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Learn More About Survey Sites

Being paid to complete online surveys is a great way to earn extra cash in Ireland. You can receive money for voicing your opinions about various topics that are focused on a particular demographic that an organisation (business, government or media) requires information about. By answering questions for these organisations you can earn money and help improve the quality of their products and services.


Many businesses require feedback on how successfully their products are being received by consumers. For example, a restaurant may want to know what types of food you like to eat, the places where you like to dine out, how much money you spend on monthly dining habits and so on. This information, combined with thousands of other consumer answers, would allow the restaurant to adapt important business decisions to fit with its target demographic and current trends in eating habits.

How They Work

Survey sites function by gathering and processing large amounts of information from a variety of surveys. This helps a business or organisation to understand what the broad consensus of opinion is and then tailor their business or policies accordingly. Surveys often concentrate on a particular group of people, such as a specific age or gender so they can aim specific questions at these particular demographics.

To obtain accurate information for these organisations, survey sites offer cash incentives, entry into prize draws and free gifts to encourage people to participate. Once registered with a survey site, a person needs to create a profile based on their age, gender and personality to ensure that the surveys they complete meet an organisation's criteria.

The Benefits

get paid to test products

Completing paid surveys has many advantages for both businesses and consumers. Anyone who is above the age of 16 and an Irish resident can register for a survey site. You don't need qualifications or to complete a test - just answer questions honestly using your own knowledge, experiences and opinions and get paid for it. Many survey sites offer incentives to join, such as MySurvey Ireland with their free entry into a 2000 Euros prize draw simply for registering.

Another benefit is that you can complete surveys where you want, whenever you want. Completing surveys is flexible and can be done at any time, so you can organise them around your daily routine. As a vast number of different organisations and businesses use survey sites to understand customer opinions and needs; you're not likely to get bored as there will always be new topics to consider.

Why They're Good for Earning Extra Money

Most surveys take between 15-25 minutes, and some survey sites offer at least 1 Euro per survey completed. Some have a points system whereby accumulated points can be traded in for cash, gift vouchers, entry into prize draws or even free gifts, so there's always an incentive to complete more.

Depending on how much time you spend completing surveys and the type you complete, some people have reported earning at least 200 Euros a year. Even if you only complete a few surveys a year, you will soon find that the extra cash will come in handy for buying gifts for loved ones, days out or treating yourself.

Tips For Registering

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There are a number of facts that you need to be aware of before you begin.

  • Firstly, make sure you register with as many sites as possible, as you'll be more likely to have a steady stream of surveys to complete and consequently more money.

  • Also, make sure you keep a log of all the sites you register with and the amount of money you earn with each, in order to keep track of your profits.

  • In addition, make sure you carefully read the privacy policy for each website to ensure your personal information is kept safe, not shared with third parties and that you don't have to pay to join.

  • Another good tip is to set up a separate email address when registering with survey sites to stop your regular email from becoming overloaded.

  • It's also good practice to keep checking your emails too. That way, you won't miss out on surveys that are available for a limited time only and end up losing out on potential earnings.

  • Remember that it takes time to build up money, and if the amount you earn becomes higher than the taxable threshold, you'll need to make sure you declare your earnings.

  • Also, if you do have some money in a survey account, make sure you quickly claim it for your bank account in the event that an unforeseen problem occurs.

  • It's best to be honest when completing surveys. You may be screened out mid-survey, either because they have met their daily quota or because your answers don't fit with their required demographic - this is just part of the process. However, survey sites regularly run software checks on your answers across the surveys you complete. If you keep giving misleading answers that don't fit your profile, you may have your account closed and any money you didn't claim could be lost.

  • Be aware that many sites have thresholds you must reach before you can claim money earned and that there are often caps to the amount of surveys you can complete per day.

  • Finally, make sure you log in and complete at least one survey with each account on a regular basis, even if the work is infrequent, otherwise it may be closed down due to inactivity.

More Than Just Pin Money

By completing paid surveys online, you can reap the rewards and benefits offered in more ways than one. These companies offer surveys aimed at Irish people from all walks of life that will not only help local businesses, organisations and charities but also you as a consumer. You'll be helping Irish companies increase productivity, and with it improve job opportunities, products and services that you may require yourself. The money you can earn is merely the start!